Paul Gilbert - Intense Rock Licks 🎸

Among many things in life, guitar and instrumental music is one of the things I love deeply from my heart. Being surrounded by my guitars, pedals and other music equipment is my haven when I need to detach myself from work and programming. This has been going on for almost 15 to 20 years now, I don’t even count anymore as I’ve had breaks at times where I was either overflooded by work or simply disorganized and haven’t felt a need to play.

Recently, I bought few more guitars and I feel like that little teenager again, jammin’ it, practicing scales, modes and re-learning some of the music theory I either forgot or I never knew. I really feel fulfilled and super excited to be back learning and composing new music.

Anyway, recently I’ve discovered very very old course I kept in my cloud for years, Intense Rock course by one of my favourite virtuosos, Paul Gilbert. If you don’t want to support mister Gilbert and buy the official course from Amazon on elsewhere, you can watch the course on Youtube for free.

Nevertheless, the part of the course I wanted to mention is alternate-picking licks. As a huge fan of solo guitar and someone who’s been practicing advanced techniques for years, those licks are amazing for improving your alternate picking speed and synchronization between your left and right hand. But even better, they sound super awesome.

You can check out those links on ultimate-guitar and I warmly suggest you to spend some time learning them and making part of your every day exercise schedule.