Run VSC on Ubuntu using your terminal

If you have installed Visual Studio Code using umake, there’s a high chance it didn’t set up a symbolik link (environment variable) for your Visual Studio Code, therefor, you won’t be able to run it from your terminal.

For me, that is absolutely absurd and I wasted like 40 minutes trying to figure out where did the umake install VSC at the first place so I can create a symbolink link manually.

Nevertheless, copy and paste this command to your terminal and you should be good to go.

sudo ln -s ~/.local/share/umake/ide/visual-studio-code/bin/code /usr/local/bin

Keep in mind that this command will most probably work for you if your umake installed VSC under “~/.local/share/umake/ide/” directory, otherwise, you will need to figure out where your code executable file is.

So if the command provided doesn’t work, the signature of it looks like this:

sudo ln -s path/to/visual-studio-code/code(executable) /usr/local/bin

I just wanted to document this for myself and also make sure if you are trying to do the same thing, save you some time.